How Do You Troubleshoot a Freezer That Is Not Cold Enough?

troubleshoot-freezer-cold-enough Credit: Chip Harlan/CC-BY 2.0

A freezer that does not provide enough cooling to the food can have the wrong temperature setting or items blocking the vents into the food compartment. After looking at those items, the homeowner should test the controls for the temperature before trying some other troubleshooting steps.

The temperature setting for the freezer may actually be controlled in the refrigerator compartment. Moving the setting to the next cooler setting or setting a thermometer in the freezer to monitor changes may be all that the homeowner needs to do.

If the situation does not improve, it is then time to look at the arrangement of items in the freezer. If food and other items are jammed in front of the vents, then moving them around to allow freer air flow may alter the problem. Monitoring the thermometer in the freezer to see if it matches the temperatures that each control setting is supposed to reach, according to the owner's manual, is another helpful troubleshooting step.

Pulling the freezer out from the wall and looking at the condenser coils may reveal a great deal of dirt and debris that interfere with the cooling process. Looking at the freezer seal may show some cracking, which means that replacement is necessary.