How Do You Troubleshoot the Dyson DC25?


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Procedures for troubleshooting the Dyson DC25 vacuum vary depending on the nature of the problem, but replacing malfunctioning parts or cleaning the interior fixes most issues. Some potential problems with the Dyson DC25 include a clogged filter due to dirt, torn suction hoses and a worn-out brush bar.

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Clean the vacuum's filter on a routine basis, ideally at three-month intervals, to improve the efficiency of the machine. To clean the filter, remove the top of the cyclone tunnel chamber and detach the filter from the Dyson. Wash the filter with running lukewarm water while squeezing it repeatedly; continue until the filter is clear of all dirt and debris. Typically, this takes about five minutes. Once the filter is clean, allow it to dry on a cotton towel for at least a day and then place it back into the Dyson.

The main hose, the lower hose or the crossover hose may malfunction; replace torn hoses with new ones. To replace the main hose, rotate its top and bottom counter-clockwise and insert a new one in the place of the old by twisting the new hose in a clockwise direction. To replace the lower and crossover hoses, tug them lightly to dislodge them from their positions and squeeze in new hoses.

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