How Do You Troubleshoot a Cuisinart Electric Knife?


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To troubleshoot a Cuisinart electric knife, the electrical cord should be checked to make sure power is supplied to the appliance and loose wires should be reconnected. The blades should also be inspected to ensure they are aligned and not bent.

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A faulty power switch may be the cause of a malfunction with a Cuisinart electric knife. Spray the switch with electrical contact cleaner. The motor of the electric knife may also need to be lubricated with light machine oil. Apply a drop or two of light machine oil to the motor bearings. When an electric knife is noisy, it is possible that the gears may need to be lubricated or replaced.

When a Cuisinart electric knife is slicing poorly, a bent blade is often the cause. Blades that are bent can be straightened by pressing the electric knife on a flat surface. If the blades are still bent, it may be necessary to replace them so the knife continues to slice precisely.

Most problems that occur with electric knives are the result of unclean or dull blades. The rivets on the blades may also be worn or need to be replaced, which can cause the blades to be misaligned. When cleaning or troubleshooting a Cuisinart electric knife, unplug the appliance to avoid electric shock.

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