How Do You Troubleshoot a Crown Boiler?

To troubleshoot a Crown boiler, you must first identify the specific problem and the symptoms associated with it. Common problems with a Crown boiler include failure to heat, failure to light and over running fan. Other problems include a low flame signal, loss of pressure and the boiler turning off.

A defective thermostat or a loose electric wire connection may cause failure of the Crown boiler to heat up. To rectify this, replace the thermostat and fix the wire connection firmly. A faulty circuit breaker may cause the boiler light to keep on going off and replacing the circuit breaker might resolve this problem.

A worn out fuse may cause the fan to keep running and replacing the fuse can rectify this. Low gas pressure at gas inlet valve or a clogged gas inlet valve may cause low flame signal in the boiler. To rectify this problem, increase the gas level and clean the gas filter.

Loss of pressure in the boiler might be caused by water leakage or a worn out pressure relief valve. To fix this, identify the water leakage location and replace the pressure relief valve. The boiler may keep turning off when the condensate pipe is frozen, when boiler pump is faulty, or due to a defective thermostat. Exposing the condensate pipe to warmer temperatures, replacing the pump as well as the thermostat may help to resolve this problem.