How Do You Troubleshoot a Crosley Washer?

How Do You Troubleshoot a Crosley Washer?

While sounds of high-pitched whining or water gurgling aren't reasons to be concerned when operating your Crosley washing machine, other sounds may indicate problems. There are several ways to troubleshoot simple problems such as the washer not turning on. Immediately reducing the size of a problematic washload can often help, as can tightening the nuts onthe machine and ensuring all doors are closed and seal properly. Ensuring a good water supply and effective drainage by checking faucets and hoses is also important.

  1. Reduce the wash load

    If your Crosley washer makes a squealing sound, or if you smell burning rubber, stop the wash cycle and reduce the wash load immediately. Improperly loaded clothes may cause the spin cycle to become weak or allow suds to build up in the washer

  2. Tighten the washer's locking nuts

    If the washer rattles or shakes excessively, it may be unstable. Tighten the locking nuts on the washer's legs to help stabilize it.

  3. Close all doors

    If your washer doesn't start, make sure the dispenser drawer is fully closed. Also, open and close the washer door to make sure it is shut firmly; the washer will not start if the door is open.

  4. Check faucets and hoses

    If all doors are closed and the washer still won't start, check the water supply faucet. The water to the washer must be turned on for the washer to work. If the washer has trouble draining after each use, check the drain hose to make sure it is not twisted or clogged.