How Do You Troubleshoot a Clothes Dryer That Keeps Turning Off?

To troubleshoot a clothes dryer that keeps turning off, inspect the most common failing parts, including the drive motor, drum roller, slide and bearings. If the common troubleshooting tips do not solve the issue, consult a professional technician for further advice.

Common dryer parts that fail include:

  1. Drive motor
  2. The drive motor controls both the blower wheel and the drum, so a bound wheel or clogged blower can be a symptom of a bad drive motor.

  3. Drum roller or axle
  4. The drum utilizes rollers to spin, so a drum that stops mid-cycle may not be able to spin freely because of worn rollers or axles.

  5. Drum slides or glides
  6. The drum rotates on plastic slides and glides, which can wear down, causing the drum to stop spinning until they are replaced.

  7. Drum bearings and support bearings
  8. The bearings on the drum rollers need to function properly for the drum to spin freely, and squeaking or sticking bearings can cause the drum to lock up mid-cycle.

  9. Control board
  10. The control board is the least likely culprit, it senses how dry the clothes are during the drying cycle. If the cycle is stopping prematurely, the sensors on the control board could be malfunctioning.

If the above items are not the cause of a dryer stopping mid-cycle, call a professional for further advice.