How Do You Troubleshoot a Casablanca Ceiling Fan That Is Making Noise?

According to the Casablanca Fan Company, troubleshooting a noisy fan is a matter of figuring out the source of the noise, which is seldom actually related to the motor itself. After the source of the noise is found, broken or loose parts should be repaired or replaced.

  1. Determine the type of sound.

    Different sounds indicate different problems. A buzzing noise usually indicates that the light bulbs being used are too high a wattage. If the fan makes a thumping noise, the flywheel may be the issue. A ticking sound indicates that the blades are used. If parts have come loose, a fan makes a rattling noise.

  2. Replace any parts that are broken or no longer usable.

    If the issue with the fan is a part that is broken or no longer usable, new parts should be obtained, and they should be replaced. If the fan is still making noise, this is likely an indication that some parts have also come loose.

  3. Tighten loose parts.

    Check all nuts, bolts and other parts to make sure everything is secure. Possibly the parts were not tightened properly when new parts were installed, or they simply came loose over time.

  4. Contact Casablanca if problems continue

    If after attempting to detect the source of the noise and repair the fan, it is still noisy, contact Casablanca's Consumer Affairs Department for additional assistance.