How to Troubleshoot Carrier Furnace Problems?

To troubleshoot common carrier furnace problems, reference the owner's manual of the unit and follow the outlined procedures. Some troubleshooting tips are model-specific, whereas others offer solutions for the most common issues.

Follow certain steps in order to perform basic troubleshooting on a Carrier furnace.

  1. Ensure the unit is on.
    The thermostat needs to be on the "Heat" setting and the temperature needs to be set higher than the current temperature in the home. The fan also needs to be in the "On" position.
  2. Check the circuit breaker
    Ensure the circuit breaker to the furnace is in the "On" position.
  3. Check the furnace power switch
    The furnace power switch likely looks like a light switch on a gray box, and it is located by the furnace. Ensure it is in the "On" position.
  4. Replace the filter
    Filters need to be replaced every 1 to 2 months. Excessive buildup reduces the air flow to the furnace.
  5. Check the return air vents
    Check all of the air vents in every room to ensure nothing is blocking them. Vents may be located on the floor or ceiling, depending on the home's system. Also ensure all of the vents are producing air when the system is on. If a few do not blow air, there could be an issue along the line somewhere.
  6. Call a professional
    If basic troubleshooting fails, it is likely time to call a professional to diagnose the issue.