How Do You Troubleshoot a Brewing Problem With a Keurig B60?


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To troubleshoot a brewing problem with a Keurig B60, put the K-cup in the cup holder, brew the coffee and add water to the water reservoir. Use a paper clip to clean the K-Cup holder’s exit needle if the brewer doesn’t produce coffee.

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First, put the K-Cup in the holder after opening the holder and push the handle tightly. Select Small Cup, Small Mug or Large Mug once the LCD panel shows Ready to Brew. If the LCD displays Add Water, fill the water reservoir with water. Push the reservoir down into the base if the LCD continues to show the same message.

To clean the K-Cup holder’s exit needle, open the top cover by lifting the handle atop the unit. Detach the holder from the base by pushing the bottom of the holder upward while holding the top with your other hand. Pull out the funnel and insert the paper clip into the exit needle’s opening to get rid of the clog. Wash the holder under running water and put it back in the coffee machine.

Descale the machine if it still fails to produce adequate coffee. Add vinegar to the reservoir after pouring out excess water. Put a mug on the drip tray and push the Large Mug button to begin a brew cycle. Empty the mug once it's full and do the brew cycle three times.

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