How do you troubleshoot a Bosch dishwasher?


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Performing a test cycle on a Bosch dishwasher is the best way to isolate the problem with its operation. The process is similar no matter which Bosch dishwasher one has, and the owner's manual that came with the dishwasher should have precise instructions for that specific model.

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Holding down the Power Scrub Plus and Regular Wash, or analogous buttons depending on the model, then pressing the power button should cause the lights above the first two buttons to flash. Pushing those two same buttons again starts the test cycle. Once the test cycle has ended, the dishwasher indicates the area that contains the fault.

If the Bosch dishwasher does not have a display panel, the light turns on above the area containing the fault. If it lights up over the Clean button, a temperature sensor is causing the problem. Over Rinse/Dry, the light indicates a fault with the water sensor or the filling process. If the light appears over Wash, the heating process isn't working, so the heating element is likely the culprit.

Models that have display panels show codes after the test cycle to indicate the problem. If a 0 shows up, the cycle has not detected any errors, while 1 means a problem with the water sensor or filling, 2 means a fault with heating and 4 has to do with filling. An 8 indicates a problem with a temperature sensor.

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