How Do You Troubleshoot Amana Electric Dryers?

How Do You Troubleshoot Amana Electric Dryers?

To troubleshoot Amana electric dryers, you must first identify the specific problem. Common problems associated with Amana dryers include failure to turn on, overheating and wet clothes at the end of a drying cycle. Other problems include failure to heat, tripped circuit breakers and failure to stop automatically.

Amana electric dryers may fail to turn on when there is a power outage or when the start switch is defective. Check to ensure that the power connection is working or replace the start switch to resolve this problem. A clogged vent causes the dryer to overheat, and cleaning the vent tubing thoroughly allows free air circulation, which may rectify this problem.

The dryer may take too long to dry clothes when the blower wheel is broken, or when the air flow system is clogged. To rectify this, replace the blower wheel and clean the venting system thoroughly.

Amana electric dryers fail to heat up when the thermostat is faulty, or when the gas valve solenoid is defective. Replacing these parts can rectify the problem.

A defective drive motor makes the dryer stop turning during cycles and replacing the motor solves this problem. The dryer may fail to turn on when the circuit breaker is weak or defective. If the dryer does not stop automatically, the timer motor might be set wrongly. Using the settings recommended in the manufacturer’s manual can be helpful in resolving this problem.