How Do You Troubleshoot Air Conditioning?


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To troubleshoot an air conditioner, test the fan, and examine the condenser. Power supply issues and low refrigerant are also common causes for a malfunctioning air conditioner. Troubleshooting can be completed in about an hour. However, some homeowners may require professional repairs to solve the problem.

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  1. Test the fan

    Check the temperature setting on the thermostat to ensure the temperature setting is lower than the room temperature, and ensure the fan is on. The fan should make an audible noise. Check the emergency switch on the unit and the breakers to ensure both are turned to the On position.

  2. Reset the condenser

    Turn the air conditioner to the lowest temperature setting, and examine the outdoor part of the unit. The condenser should make a sound when it is running. If the condenser is not running, locate the high pressure cut out, and push the reset button. If the problem persists after resetting, locate the copper lines extending from the condenser. Warm condenser lines indicate a need to recharge the unit with refrigerant.

  3. Examine indoor units

    The presence of water around the base of the air conditioning unit indicates blocked lines. Contact a professional repair person if blocked lines are suspected.

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