What Are Trouble-Free Blinds?


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Trouble-free blinds are blinds that are easy to install and do not require much maintenance, such as Add-On Blinds by ODL. It may also refer to other brands that are designed to require minimal cleaning.

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Add-On Blinds are widely advertised as trouble free because of the easy installation. The blinds themselves come in a frame that is designed to fit standard window sizes and screw on with minimal hassle. They are also enclosed between two panes of glass so they are easy to clean and cannot be damaged easily. However, they do not fit every door and window. They require a raised frame around the glass, and they do not come in custom sizes.

Other companies, such as Pella, make similar glass-encased blinds, but they are usually part of a larger window or door. This can reduce maintenance and damage over the years, but it is not easy to install and usually needs to be part of a larger renovation project.

Trouble-free blinds are usually contrasted with standard blinds, which come in a variety of styles but have some things in common. Traditional blinds are usually attached to brackets on the interior frame of windows or doors. They attract dust and dirt and need to be cleaned regularly, and since they are unprotected, they are subject to damage. They also are sometimes controlled by cords, which can be dangerous for children and pets.

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