What Are Some Tropical Trees?


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Tropical trees include the tropical needle palm, Norfolk Island pine, royal poinciana and the sugar apple, or cherimoya. Additional species include the queen palm, bunya-bunya tree, Hong Kong orchid tree and Frangipani. Categories include tropical palm trees, tropical conifer trees, tropical flowering trees and tropical fruit trees.

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The tropical needle palm, or Rhapidophyllum hystrix, is a tropical palm tree that is also one of the most cold-tolerant tropical trees. It grows to be 6 to 8 feet high and wide and has fan-shaped leaves with 4-inch-long black spines that grow at the base of the leaves. The Norfolk Island pine is a tropical conifer tree that can grow to be 100 feet tall. Another tropical conifer is the bunya-bunya tree, which grows up to 80 feet.

The royal poinciana, or Delonix Regia, is among those in the tropical flowering tree category and is a favorite in gardens worldwide. It provides bright red flowers in the spring and summer, while the Hong Kong orchid tree offers lavender flowers in the fall and winter seasons.

Tropical fruit trees include the sugar apple, or Annona cherimola x A. squamosa. This tree can grow up to 30 feet tall and has brown or yellow flowers that later become fruits.

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