What Are Some Tropical House Plants?


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Some tropical house plants are anthurium, bird of paradise, bromeliads, diffenbachia (also called dumb canes) and tropical orchids. Some others are palms, cordyline and the ficus.

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Anthurium comes in several varieties and needs to be planted in rich, loose soil. It is a considerably difficult houseplant to care for, and prefer temperatures that are consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bird of paradise is known for its dramatic, brightly colored blooms. It is relatively easy to cultivate as a houseplant but takes three to five years to produce its first flowers. Bromeliads are fairly drought tolerant but should not be exposed to temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Diffenbachia comes in several varieties and tends to be sensitive to cold drafts.

Tropical orchids come in several varieties and can be somewhat easy to grow in the home. Owners should take care to follow instructions for a particular variety to ensure success with it. Most palms do not tolerate very low temperatures. Palm tree varieties tend to have sensitive root balls, so owners should take care if replanting is necessary.

Some cordyline varieties are sometimes called ti plants. They thrive in warm temperatures and high humidity. Ficus plants are popular but take special care. Their leaves tend to be sensitive to cold, and they generally do not tolerate being moved around.

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