What Tropical Flower Plants Do Well in Low Light?

What Tropical Flower Plants Do Well in Low Light?

Some tropical flower plants that do well in low light are cast iron plants, corn plants, snake plants, parlor palms, ZZ plants and peace lilies. These plants need less frequent watering than those in full light.

The cast iron plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. Although the plant prefers bright light, it does well in shaded rooms without natural light.

The corn plant is a favorite for many offices and households. It grows best in bright light conditions, but it can tolerate low light. It is a slow-growing plant that survives with minimal care.

The snake plant is a flowering plant grown for its slick-looking long leaves. It is easy to grow because it tolerates low and high sunlight.

The parlor palm grows well in average room temperatures, with little watering and low light. Direct sunlight is not good for these plants.

The ZZ plant survives well even with minimal care. It grows well in both low lighting and bright lighting conditions. It looks like a small tree or bush.

The peace lily can survive in low lighting, but low lighting may hinder the production of its spathes and flowers. Its foliage looks attractive with its glossy leaves.