What Is a Trolley Cart?


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A trolley cart is a push-basket with two or four wheels that is used to transport goods such as food, luggage or other merchandise. Depending on the part of the world, this device is also referred to as a buggy, trolley, carriage, wagon or shopping cart.

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What Is a Trolley Cart?
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The idea for the shopping cart came about in 1936 when customers were supplied a small wire basket for use in stores. Sylvan Goldman, an owner of Standard and Piggly Wiggly stores, wanted customers to prolong their time in the store and purchase more goods. With the small baskets, customers were checking out as soon as the basket became too heavy to carry.

Goldman'sshopping cart was inspired from a folding chair, andit featured a wire frame with wheels and two removable baskets that folded up for easy storage. Cashiers would take the baskets out of the frame to place the merchandise up on the counter to ring up the customers' merchandise.

After the shopping cart grew in popularity, Orla Watson introduced the next revolutionary design in 1947, which featured permanently fixed baskets with hinged backs that allowed them to stack easily within one another. The basicshopping cart designthat features one largebasket was introduced in the 1950s and has not drastically changed in design as of 2015.

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