How Do You Trim a Rubber Tree Plant?

Trimming rubber tree plants is relatively simple, and it can be done by cutting just above the nodes using a pair of pruning shears. Rubber tree plants tend to grow large, and regular pruning is required to control their growth. The plant responds well to pruning, and it can be performed at any time of the year.

Rubber tree plants are one of the more common indoor household plants and they require little care and maintenance, save for an occasional trimming. The following shows one method of trimming rubber tree plants.

  1. Prepare the tools
  2. This task will only require a clean pair of sharp pruning shears. The plant does secrete a milky-white sap that may cause irritation, so it will also be a good idea to wear a pair of protective gloves while trimming.

  3. Plan the trim
  4. Before making cuts, examine the plant and then decide on how much of the leaves and stems will be trimmed off as well as the final shape of the plant. It is possible to trim off as much as a third to half of the plant but no more.

  5. Make the cuts
  6. Start trimming the plant by cutting just above the nodes. The nodes are the areas where the stems branches off or where the leaves sprout from the stems. While the plant might look weary after trimming, new leaves and stems will soon be growing out of it.