How Do You Trim an Orchid?

How Do You Trim an Orchid?

How Do You Trim an Orchid?

Trim your orchid by removing faded flowers and dead stalks, cutting the stalks and pruning down the spike. This process only takes a few minutes, and you need a pair of pruning scissors and a razor.

  1. Snip off any dead flowers

    Find any faded or dead flowers, and use your fingers or a pair of pruning scissors to remove them. This helps to keep the planting looking healthy.

  2. Find the nodes

    Before cutting the stalks, find the nodes so that you know where to safely cut without injuring the plant. The nodes are bumps in the stalk, with the first one being right below the flower.

  3. Cut the stalks

    To encourage growth, make a cut in any stalk. Start by using the pair of scissors or a razor, and cut the stalk diagonally 1/4 inch above any node.

  4. Remove dead stalks

    Look for any wilted or discolored stalks. Remove them. Cut down to 1 inch from the stalk's base.

  5. Prune the spike

    Prune the spike in order to rejuvenate the plant and produce larger flowers. Although most species of orchids continue flowering after it initially blooms, the flowers get smaller and smaller and the spike larger and larger. Cut the spike down to the base. Over time it regrows, and the plant flowers again.