How Do You Trim a Fig Tree?

How Do You Trim a Fig Tree?

When preparing to trim a fig tree, cover your hands and arms. Fig trees produce a sap that can be irritating to skin. Trimming a fig tree requires garden clippers and can be completed in one afternoon.

  1. Open up the center of the tree

    Fig trees do best with an open-center shape. This encourages the development of side branches that produce more fruit. Top the fig tree when it's just a seedling to about 24 to 32 inches above the ground. Cut the top of the tree back to three branch nodes every season to limit the height of the tree.

  2. Remove undesirable branches

    Remove any secondary branches that are growing at less than a 45 degree angle from the main branches. These branches don't produce the best fruit. This should be done soon after the fruit is harvested. At the same time, cut back the main branches by one-third to help the tree put more energy toward fruit production

  3. Remove dead branches and suckers

    Remove any branches that are dead or diseased, cutting into the healthy wood by at least 6 inches. Trim any suckers and shoots that appear at the base of the tree as soon as they first appear.