How Do You Trim a Ficus Tree?

How Do You Trim a Ficus Tree?

Trim a ficus tree by removing interfering limbs, trimming unmanageable branches and cutting away dead or damaged limbs. You need a pair of pruning shears or scissors.

  1. Visualize how you want your tree to look

    Before trimming, decide how you want your tree to look. This determines what branches you need to prune. Choose a few main branches to keep.

  2. Remove interfering limbs

    Remove any limbs that are too low or may becoming a tripping hazard.

  3. Trim unmanageable branches

    Trim unruly branches that interfere with the look of your tree. Cut these branches off at the trunk or the collar of the branch. The cut area heals better if you do not cut it completely even or flush with the trunk or branch. When removing a secondary branch, cut it back to the junction on a main branch as long as the other branch is growing upward.

  4. Remove dead and damaged branches

    Prune away any dead and damaged limbs. Cut off weak or spindly limbs that are located either on the trunk or one of the main branches.

  5. Water and fertilize the tree

    Immediately after trimming and pruning a ficus tree, water it well and add a small amount of fertilizer.