How Do You Trim a Eucalyptus Tree?


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To minimize the risk of disease and to prevent dieback, Gardening Know How recommends pruning eucalyptus trees in the heat of the summer. Although this promotes the bleeding of sap, the tree heals faster in the heat. However, a wound dressing may be needed to stop excessive bleeding in some cases. Choose between hedge pruning, specimen pruning, coppicing or pollarding pruning.

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How Do You Trim a Eucalyptus Tree?
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Hedge pruning may be implemented at the end of the tree's second growing season to cut the tree into a pyramid shape and remove up to one-third of its height, according to Gardening Know How. Remove up to one-quarter of the upper tree in subsequent years to maintain this look. Use specimen pruning to maintain the attractive appearance of a focal point eucalyptus tree by removing all branches over 6 feet after two years of growth.

Gardening Know How recommends using coppicing to control the height of a eucalyptus tree. Using angled cuts, prune the tree back to 18 inches from the ground, and remove all side shoots. Allow the best-looking shoot to develop, and cut all others back. For pollarding, which promotes lower height and branching at the top of the tree, cut tree trunks 6 to 10 feet from the ground, leaving the side branches intact.

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