When Do You Trim Bushes?


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The type of bush determines when the bush should be trimmed. Foliage bushes are trimmed throughout the year, and flowering and evergreen bushes are trimmed according to their new growth cycles.

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Bushes that are grown primarily for their foliage are trimmed at any time of the year except in late fall. Any major trimming is done in the winter when the bush is dormant.

Flowering bushes that bloom during the summer are trimmed during the winter when they are dormant, because the flowers they produce come from their new growth during the current growing season. If it is not possible to trim the bushes during the winter, they should be trimmed in early spring before their new growth emerges.

Flowering bushes that bloom in early spring are trimmed immediately after they finish blooming in late spring. Trimming bushes that bloom in early spring during the winter or later during their growing season decreases the number of spring blooms and removes the still-developing flower buds.

Evergreen bushes are trimmed in the early spring before they begin their spring growth spurt. Minor pruning of evergreen bushes is also done with no harmful effects throughout the year. Needle-leaf evergreen bushes are pruned in the early part of their growing season, but they must not be cut back all the way to the wood, because the bush does not sprout any new growth to replace what was trimmed away.

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