How Do I Trim a Bamboo Plant?

When trimming a bamboo plant, first cut the leaf stalks, but not the hard stem of the plant. Bamboo is a very hardy plant that grows bigger and fuller with trimming.

The general bamboo houseplant is called lucky bamboo. It is often a hard stalk in pure water or soil, and grows many long leafy stalks. More stalks can grow from the main part of the plant, but the core itself will not grow. When trimming a lucky bamboo plant, simply choose which leaves to cut. Cutting down the leaves encourages extra and sturdy growth.

Even if completely ignored, the bamboo plant takes a long time to die off. Trimming is only done to improve the aesthetic beauty of the plant. Also, the cut stalks can be put in water or soil to grow a brand new arrangement. The leaves should be kept out of the water, as this can cause blight. The most common way to keep a lucky bamboo plant flourishing is to put the core in a glass bowl, mason jar or vase with decorative rocks and then fill the container with water until it is just above the rocks. The rocks themselves should be covering the roots.