How Do You Trigger Orchid Reblooming?


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Orchid reblooming can be triggered by simulating normal light cycles, changing room temperatures and adding fertilizer. An orchid may be getting either too little or too much light to rebloom, depending on conditions. If an orchid is in a dim room or office, it may be necessary to use a grow light in order to encourage it to rebloom.

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If an orchid is in direct sunlight or getting too much artificial light, reblooming can be suppressed. Therefore, when using artificial light, set a timer to simulate normal cycles of night and day.

To trigger reblooming via temperature change, expose the orchid to night temperatures that are 10 degrees cooler than day temperatures for two weeks. Using a urea-free fertilizer also may encourage the orchid to rebloom.

Both over-watering and under-watering can affect whether or not an orchid reblooms. Too much watering can even lead to plant death and may cause an orchid to shed its buds. If the roots of the orchid are turning brown, that means it is being watered too much; however, make sure to water the orchid regularly, or it may drop its buds before reblooming. It is advisable for anyone who regularly forgets to water to use a humidity tray.

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