What Are Some Tricks for Planting Spring Flower Bulbs?


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Before planting, store the bulbs inside the refrigerator for six to eight weeks, but do not store apples or other fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator to prevent killing the shoot. Amend the soil before planting, if necessary, by performing a soil test. Plant the bulbs at the recommended depth to prevent early or late blooms. Typically, tender bulbs are planted in early spring, and stored indoors when temperature cool in the autumn. Hardy bulbs are planted in autumn.

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Typically, bulbs grow best when planted in a location well-draining soil and six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day. Some bulbs, such as daffodils, are shade tolerant, and grow well when planted under trees. Opt to plant shade-tolerant bulbs on the tree's drip line for best results.

When planting bulbs, group the bulbs in sets of three to ensure the flowers produce a bouquet where they are planted. Grouping bulbs together works well when the bulbs have similar light and water requirements.

A general rule is to plant the bulb at a depth that is twice its length. To prevent pests from digging into the bulbs after planting, line the hole with chicken wire, and fill the bottom of the hole with compost and peat moss. Fertilizer isn't necessary for the first blooming after planting, but is useful in subsequent years.

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