What Trees Have Purple Flowers in Spring?

According to Garden Guides, Rose of Sharon, magnolia trees, redbud trees and purple leaf plums are all trees that produce purple flowers in the spring. The jacaranda tree also grows flowers in the spring, according to San Francisco Gate.

Garden Guide also notes other springtime trees that grow purple flowers, including royal empress, Satomi dogwood trees, Muskogee crape myrtles and Ann magnolia. The tallest purple flowering tree is the royal empress, standing 40 to 50 feet high, and the Eastern redbud stands up to 30 feet. The tree peony is one of the smallest flowering trees that produce purple flowers and is only 4 to 5 feet in height. The royal empress is particularly known for its strong fragrance, while Ann magnolias have a lighter scent. Wikipedia notes that the empress tree produces flowers before leaves in the early spring. The empress tree is also notable for its fruit in the form of an egg-shaped capsule. The San Francisco Gate notes that certain jacaranda trees produce fruits and nuts, and they grow flowers throughout spring, summer and fall. The jacaranda also produces differing shades of lavender, purple and violet. San Francisco Gate also mentions the smoke tree, which blooms feathery flowers in the spring and comes in a variety of colors, most notably deep purple and redish-purple.