What Are Some Trees That Produce Red Berries?


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The Washington hawthorne tree, native to the mid-western United States, grows to a 30-foot height and features deep green leaves and clusters of fall and winter red berries. Flowering crabapple trees produce abundant 1/2-inch red berries that persist into winter dormancy and are loved by birds and other wildlife. The delicately ornamental serviceberry tree blooms in early spring before producing edible red berries that settlers originally used to make pies, jellies and wine.

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The native red mulberry tree features red berries in late spring and early summer, but is considered by many to be invasive because of its tendency to reseed. Although attractive to birds, the mulberry's soft fruit stains anything with which it comes in contact. A tree native to the northern United States and southern Canada, the chokeberry is a small shrub-like tree that attains a height of 20 feet. Its tiny deep-red berries are borne in clusters after white flowers in the spring.

The possumhaw is a small deciduous tree that grows to a 20-foot height and is a standout in the winter landscape. Red berries cover the tree after leaf drop, and remain throughout the winter months. While only the female possumhaw varieties, such as Warren Red and Red Cascade, bear fruit, they require a male pollinator nearby. A good choice is Red Escort, which features glossy deep-green leaves. For maximum fruiting, possumhaw trees are best planted in locations receiving all-day or afternoon sun.

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