What Trees Fit Well in a Small Front Yard?

What Trees Fit Well in a Small Front Yard?

Some trees that work well in a small front yard are crabapples, eastern redbuds, hedge maples and southern hawthorns. The flowering dogwood and Allegheny serviceberry are also good for small yards.

If the front yard gets good sunlight and air circulation, a crabapple tree will thrive. This is a small tree that grows in just about any type of soil, though it does need good soil drainage. There are many different sizes and fruit colors of crabapple trees. The largest trees get to be about 20 feet tall, but there are shorter varieties.

Eastern redbud trees are good for small yards with room for a moderately sized tree with beautiful flowers and leaves. They get to be 20 to 30 feet tall with purple and red leaves that change to purple and green in the summer.

The flowering dogwood tree can be made into a single or multi-trunked tree. It has small yellow flowers with pink or red bracts. The site determines whether or not the tree provides fall colors. Lower branches of the tree grow horizontally, while the top branches grow upright. This is an excellent tree for filling in empty spaces in the front yard.

A hedge maple tree has a rounded form and grows slowly. It is a good option for growing by a street, though it is not suitable near power lines. It provides great shade in the front yard.