What Are Some Tree-Cutting Tips?


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Some tree-cutting tips include getting the proper equipment, determining how tall the tree is and quickly walking away from the tree at a 45-degree angle when it starts to fall. Other tips include deciding the direction the tree should fall and clearing the area in the fall zone.

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What Are Some Tree-Cutting Tips?
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A chainsaw is perhaps the most important piece of equipment when cutting a tree. The chainsaw should have around 3.5 horsepower, and it should have a 20-inch bar. Also, safety glasses are essential because of flying debris, and leg protection is important in case the saw kicks out from the tree after hitting a knot.

After determining how tall the tree is and the direction it should fall, the fall zone should be cleared of any debris or of anything that could be damaged. The person doing the cutting should cut a V-shaped notch into the tree on the side it is to fall. This notch should be knee-height and cut to the center of the tree.

Some other tips for cutting a tree are never to stand directly behind a falling tree and not to approach the tree with a chainsaw if it fails to fall. Because the stump can snap, the tree can kick back, causing massive injuries.

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