How Do You Get Tree Cutting Done for Free?

How Do You Get Tree Cutting Done for Free?

To get tree cutting done for free, check if the tree is near a power line or if it is a part of a government program, and contact the power company or a local government office accordingly. Alternatively, contact a logging company, and advertise free wood.

Power companies usually enter into a contract with tree specialists in their areas. If a tree poses a problem to the power line, the power company should remove it at no charge.

If the tree is a part of a federal, state or city air quality or environment program or is on a street, it may belong to the city. In such cases, the local government should remove the tree for free. Contact the forest service office, local cooperative extension office and city hall to learn more about such trees in your area.

If several trees are to be cut, contact a logging company. If the wood is of good value, the logging company may even pay you for it. Obtain recommendations from the local extension office to find a reliable logging company.

Advertise free wood online and in stores to find someone who is willing to cut the tree in exchange for it. If you need the wood to heat your home, cut it yourself. You could even the sell the wood to make money or barter some of it for assistance in cutting and hauling.