What Are Some Treatments to Restore a Deck?

Some treatments to restore a deck include deck cleaner, deck stripper, deck stain and deck restoration finishes. New stains involve a lot of physical labor, whereas restoration products are quicker to use, notes ThisOldHouse.com.

Deck cleaners are important for any restoration project. Before applying a new stain or a restoration finish, it is essential to make sure the deck is clean. In some cases, a good deck cleaner can completely restore the deck finish. Some products attach to hoses to spray onto the surface of the deck while others mix into water to create a deck wash. Always protect plants, skin and clothing before applying a deck cleaner, as some products contain harsh chemicals.

Deck stripper is an essential treatment for completely refinishing deck wood. Before applying a new stain, it is important to remove the old stain. To use a stripper, brush the product onto the wood and scrape it away with a stiff brush. Rinse off any excess product with a hose.

To completely refinish a deck, apply a stain and a sealer to the wood. There are several different stains available. Transparent stains show off the original color of the wood, whereas semitransparent stains show off the grain but add a new color tint. Colored stains completely cover the wood. If the product does not include a sealer, apply a sealer after the stain dries.

Deck restoration products are much thicker than regular stains, as they are designed to fill in cracks and irregularities in the wood. To use these products, simply clean the deck and brush on the solution with a roller brush.