What Are Some Treatments for Ladybug Infestations?


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Some treatments for ladybug infestations include placing cloves on window sills, burning lemon-scented candles in areas where the infestations occur and placing double-sided tape or sticky strips along baseboards and other areas. Also, sealing any cracks or holes in the home is recommended.

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What Are Some Treatments for Ladybug Infestations?
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While ladybugs don't bite and are harmless to humans, their presence can still be bothersome. Commercial insecticides do work, but home remedies can be just as effective, says eHow. Further, many commercial insecticides contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to both people and the environment.

In any area where ladybugs are present, a vacuum can be used to suck them up. Once in the vacuum bag, ladybugs should be disposed of outside the home as soon as possible. If live ladybugs are caught, they should be released as far away from the home as possible.

To repel ladybugs, cloves can be sporadically placed on window sills, around doors, in light fixtures and on baseboards. Lemon-scented candles should be burned as often as possible in ladybug-infested areas to drive them away. Double-sided tape is effective because it traps the ladybugs, making their disposal easy. As a last resort, lemon-scented cleaner can be used, although it will kill the ladybugs.

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