What Are Some Treatment Options for Well Water?


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Well water treatment options include well filtration systems, water softeners, distillation systems and disinfection. Depending on where they are installed, these options can be point-of-entry systems or point-of-use systems. Point-of-entry systems treat most of a household's water supply, while point-of-use systems treat water travelling to specific taps.

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Well water treatment removes contaminants, improves taste and helps to ensure safe water for people with compromised immune systems. Each type of treatment works differently and achieves different goals. Filtration systems pass water through physical barriers or use chemical and biological processes to remove contaminants. Water softeners replace the calcium and magnesium ions that cause hard water. Distillation systems remove contaminants by boiling the water and collecting the recondensed steam. Disinfectants such as chlorine and ultraviolet light kill microorganisms in the water.

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