What Is a Treatment for Dust Mites?


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Dust mites cannot be completely removed from an environment, but reducing their numbers is possible by removing or cleaning their habitats, such as rugs and carpets, and ventilating bedrooms. Dust mites thrive in areas where pets or humans frequent.

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What Is a Treatment for Dust Mites?
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Dust mites are extremely small arachnids that feed on dead skin particles. Their excrement is dispersed into the air and settles in the fibrous materials of bedding, carpets and rugs. These particles may cause allergic reactions in those with dust mite allergies and aggravate symptoms of existing conditions such as asthma.

Taking measures to reduce their numbers may result in less frequent and less severe allergic reactions. Hardwood floors do not facilitate dust mites as much as carpets and rugs do and should be installed in areas that dust mites thrive in, such as bedrooms. Special dust mite-proof covers can be placed over pillows and mattresses to help repel them, and feather pillows should be used instead of synthetic material pillows. Vacuuming carpets regularly helps reduce dust mite populations as well. Maintaining a low humidity and proper ventilation in bedrooms and areas affected by dust mites helps keep their numbers down, as does keeping bedding and carpets dry. Allergic symptoms caused by dust mites may be temporarily relieved by nasal sprays, antihistamines and anti-allergen eye drops.

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