What Is the Treatment for Chinch Bugs in a Lawn?


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Treatment for chinch bugs destroying a lawn may include insecticides, proper lawn care and using other insects as a control method. Lawn care helps reduce chinch bugs dramatically and may eliminate the need for chemical applications.

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Insecticides can stop the chinch bug life cycle and kill the pests ravaging the lawn. Chemicals can drastically reduce the number of bugs and work to end a vicious outbreak of the insects. Granules can be used, and repeat applications may be necessary.

Proper lawn care eliminates the habitat chinch bugs need to thrive and can sometimes be enough to prevent infestation and damage to the lawn. Removing the thatch, or layer of dead grass between the roots and green blades, deprives the chinch bugs of a home. Mowing grass frequently and using a mulching blade prevents the build up of the thatch. Using too much fertilizer can encourage too much growth, which contributes to more thatch. Routine aeration also helps the reduce the layer of thatch. Adequate water is necessary, as dry, stressed grass is more susceptible to chinch bug damage. The pests prefer a hot, dry environment, which watering routinely and deeply can disrupt.

Spiders, wasps and ants are natural predators of chinch bugs. Homeowners who prefer not to use chemical methods can encourage these natural predators to treat chinch bug problems.

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