How Do You Treat Unfinished Wood Furniture?

Treat unfinished wood furniture to protect it from the elements and help preserve the clarity and beauty of its details. Clean it with a damp cloth to remove dust or grime. Remove hard and stubborn stains by sanding or applying certain wood-cleaning chemicals. Use an electric sander to sand the furniture. Alternate between 120- and 220-grit sandpaper to complete the process.

Choose an exterior finish that protects the furniture from UV rays and moisture. Achieve the desired shade by apply multiple coats of stain. Stains range from oil stains, varnish stains, sealer stains to organic stains. Stains are permanent, so it's best to experiment with small amounts of wood stains on scrap wood to get the right color for the furniture.

Using a sealer on the sanded wood furniture is not always necessary, but doing so can provide a smoother finish and enhance the beauty of the wood grain. Sealing can come before or after staining the wood and can be applied using a foam brush. It can also be used alone as a finishing material. A good sealer can protect wood furniture from moisture, stains and spills, and can prolong the life of the wood, especially if it's used outdoors.