How Do You Treat Termites Yourself?

To treat termites yourself, you need to identify the type of termites you have and get rid of them with termite foams or insecticides. Keep termites from coming back with termite baiting. If during any part of the process you are confused, get in touch with a professional termite exterminator.

  1. Identify your termites

    A majority of the termite infestations in America are subterranean termites, but there are a few instances of drywall termites. Subterranean termites are mostly found in mud shelter tubes, while drywall termites are usually in areas with high humidity.

  2. Use termite insecticides or foams

    A majority of termite treatments are designed to be applied to the areas were termite activity is highest and the immediate area around the infestation. Use caution while using treatments, and carefully read over the directions to use the products properly and safely so they are most effective. If the area where the termites are located can't be treated with an insecticide, it's best to use a foam.

  3. Set up a termite colony baiting station

    There is a good chance of re-infestation unless you take preventative measures. Termite baiting is used to kill off the colony workers so the termites' food supply is wiped out, which leads to the death of the queen and her soldiers. There are several different types of termite baiting, including pre-baiting, killing agents and growth inhibitors.