How Do You Treat Mold?

How Do You Treat Mold?

Treat mold by removing the moisture sources, sealing off the remainder of the home, protecting yourself, spraying any dry mold with water and applying a commercially prepare mold treatment product. Remove any porous materials affected by mold, and replace them.

  1. Eliminate moisture sources

    Mold requires moisture to grow. Fix any plumbing leaks. For areas of high humidity, install a dehumidifier to lower the moisture in the air.

  2. Seal the rest of the home

    Use plastic sheeting to protect the rest of the home from mold spores. Cover the doors so that the spores do not travel to the other spaces. Seal the plastic with duct tape. Place a fan in the window, blowing out, to move any airborne spores out of the home.

  3. Protect yourself

    Use a face mask approved for mold spores to prevent breathing any of the spores into your lungs. Wear gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and long pants when working in moldy areas.

  4. Spray dry mold with water

    Before beginning any work, spray any dry mold with water to prevent the spores from becoming airborne.

  5. Apply a moldicide

    Apply a commercial product to kill mold to any hard surfaces. Be aware that some of these products discolor surfaces.

  6. Remove porous materials

    Because mold grows into porous materials, the best approach is to remove these items from the room. Place them in a plastic bag before carrying them through other parts of the home. Bag any sponges or cleaning rags used in mold removal, and discard them outside the home.