How Do You Treat a Home for Roaches?

treat-home-roaches Credit: Zhao !/CC-BY 2.0

Use natural remedies to treat a home for roaches, with treatments that include bay leaves, sugar and baking soda, a garlic, onion and pepper solution, a petroleum jelly trap, or a mix of pinesol and bleach. Store-bought adhesive traps and roach baits can also be effective. Hiring an exterminator to assess and treat the problem is another option.

Crushing up bay leaves and leaving them around your home deters roaches. Crushing the leaves emits oils and a strong fragrance that disturbs the roaches.

Mixing a solution of equal parts sugar and baking soda works as a natural trap for roaches. They are attracted to the sweet, starchy smell and mistake the mixture for food. Ingesting the mixture ultimately kills the roaches.

Make another deadly solution by combining one liter of water with one garlic clove, one tablespoon of onion paste and one tablespoon of cayenne pepper. Let the mixture sit for an hour, then apply it to infested areas around the home.

To create a homemade adhesive trap, take an empty jar and line it with petroleum jelly. Fill the jar with strong-smelling fruit peels. The sweet fruit smell draws the roaches into the jar, and the petroleum jelly keeps them from escaping.