How Do You Treat a Home for Bed Bugs?

To treat a home for bed bugs, place all bedding inside two garbage bags, and vacuum the bed, box springs and bed frame thoroughly. Wash the bedding in the hottest water possible, and dry it for at least 30 minutes on high heat. Install bed bug encasements on the mattress and box springs, and apply insecticide to the bed frame. Install interceptors on the legs of the bed frame, and then thoroughly clean the rest of the home and treat with the insecticide.

When treating rooms outside the bedroom, keep treated and untreated furnishings separate, and discard any furnishings that are easily replaced and difficult to treat. Apply the insecticide to both soft furnishings, such as sofas, and hard furnishings, such as wooden shelves.

Insecticides that are recommended for killing bed bugs include diatomaceous earth and low-toxicity contact sprays that are designed for use in treating bed bug infestations. Apply the product according to the label, and track its success by regularly checking interceptor cups placed in bedrooms.

To treat non-washable items, place the items in two sealed garbage bags for two to five months, or place the items in the freezer for eight to 10 hours. Wash all washable items in hot water, and tumble-dry them to eliminate bed bugs. Treat serious infestations with pyrethroid sprays. Use the spray according to the directions on the label.