How Do You Treat Hibiscus Plants for Pests?


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The method for treating a hibiscus plant for pests depends on the type of pest. Common treatment methods include pesticides, relocating the plant and using a dish liquid and water mixture.

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How Do You Treat Hibiscus Plants for Pests?
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Common pests that may move into a hibiscus plant include aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, ants and shoreflies.

To rid a hibiscus plant of aphids, which are small green bugs that are visible to the naked eye, use an insecticide that enters the plants through the roots. Examples of this type of pesticide include Bayer Tree & Shrub and Bayer Advanced 3-in-1.

Spider mites become evident when the leaves of an otherwise healthy plant take on a yellow appearance, or tiny spider webs will be visible running between the leaves of the plant. To take care of a spider mite infestation, wash them off using a hose. Repeat the process every 5 to 7 days or until the mites are gone.

Mealybugs leave behind small, cottony-white spots on the leaves of the plant. Use a systematic pesticide to remove these insects and physically clean the plant's leaves to prevent them from returning. Placing the plant outside so larger predatory insects take care of the problem may also help.

To remove shoreflies, mix 1 large drop of liquid dish soap in water and use the mixture every time the plants need watering. Keep shoreflies away by removing any algae growing on the surface of the soil.

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