How Do You Treat Flea Bites?


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Treat flea bites with over-the-counter anti-itch creams or antihistamine medication. Flea bites tend to heal on their own with time.

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How Do You Treat Flea Bites?
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  1. Clean the bite area

    Wash the flea bite area with warm soap and water. Apply an antiseptic, and place an ice pack on the bite area.

  2. Treat flea bites with medication

    Apply medicated creams or ointments to relieve the pain itching associated with flea bites. Take an antihistamine to reduce flea bite swelling and itching. Rub an Aloe vera plant over the flea bite area as a supplemental treatment.

  3. Avoid scratching the bite

    Scratching makes flea bites itch more and can lead to infection.

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