How Do You Treat Bed Bugs?


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To treat bedbugs, clean any linens that have touched the bed, thoroughly organize and vacuum the room, and apply commercial insecticides according to directions. If the bedbugs remain, contact a professional exterminator for stronger treatments.

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  1. Remove and wash infested bedding

    Take the sheets, pillow cases and blankets off the bed, and place them immediately in the washing machine. Wash the bedding at the hottest setting with plenty of detergent. Place any stuffed animals, shoes, curtains or other non-washables in the dryer. Dry them on high for half an hour.

  2. Clean the room

    Remove any clutter in the room where bedbugs could hide. Vacuum the mattress and floor several times. Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic trash bag, and then dispose of the bag far from any homes or businesses.

  3. Treat the infestation with insecticides

    Some infestations require chemical treatments. Purchase an insecticide specific to bedbugs, and follow the manufacturer's directions closely. Use caution when applying chemical treatments, and keep pets and children away from the treated area.

  4. Call an exterminator

    If the bedbugs persist after chemical treatments, call a pest control professional. You may need to vacate the house while the exterminator uses harsh chemicals to eliminate the bedbugs.

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