How Do You Trap a Possum?


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To trap a possum, set the trap in the location where possums frequent. After the animal has been trapped, follow local laws and regulations about the relocation of it or any animal.

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How Do You Trap a Possum?
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Before trapping a possum, check with the local authorities to make sure that it is legal for you to trap wild animals in your area.

Buy a large cage trap and set it in the right location on a flat location where the trap cannot wobble. Set it in a shady spot to make sure the animal does not suffer in the hot sun once it is trapped.

The trap location varies depending on where the possums live on your property. If you have seen a possum in the attic, place the trap near the center of the area. If the possum is regularly near the porch, place the trap under the porch, close to the edge. Set the trap near your animals if you have seen the possum near them because possums like food left out for other animals.

Bait the trap, preferably with a meat-based bait, but bread or marshmallows can work too. Keep checking the trap frequently so that the animal does not suffer for long.

When relocating the animal, do not stick your fingers inside the cage and place a tarp or a newspaper on the car trunk or truck bed before placing the trap. Open the cage and blow on the possum to encourage it to get out of the cage.

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