How Do You Trap an Opossum?


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To trap an opossum, set a baited live trap along the paths most frequently used by the animals. They can be released or euthanized after they are captured.

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Some regions require homeowners to obtain permits before trapping animals; a local wildlife organization can give details. After obtaining a permit if necessary, place a trap that measures at least 10 inches wide by 32 inches long on top of a piece of plywood that extends 8 inches past the trap on all sides. Do not place the trap near bushes or other items, as the opossum may cause damage to the surroundings or itself in an attempt to escape. Anchor the trap by placing a large cinder block on top, and then set the trap.

Bait the trap with canned cat food, canned sardines, or peanut butter and jam on bread. However, do not use cat food if cats are present in the area. Overripe fruits, including bananas, are also used to bait opossum traps. Check the trap frequently, and release any opossums or humanely euthanize them. Refer to local regulations to determine the approved methods for relocating, releasing and euthanizing nuisance wildlife. A nuisance wildlife professional should be contacted if the opossum has young or if humane euthanization cannot be provided.

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