How Do You Transport Annabelle Hydrangeas?


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To transport an Annabelle hydrangea, water it well, tie the branches together, dig out the root ball and place it upright in a container. Transport in the back seat or cargo area of your vehicle in an upright position. Water as necessary to keep the root ball moist.

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  1. Water around the roots of the hydrangea

    Watering the plant makes it easier to pull up the roots and ensures that the roots stay moist during transport.

  2. Tie the branches together with twine

    Use soft twine to tie the branches together into a bundle. This minimizes the risk of limbs breaking during transport.

  3. Dig out the root ball

    Dig in a 2-foot diameter around the base of the plant. Use the shovel as a lever to lift the root ball out of the earth.

  4. Wrap the root ball

    Cover the root ball with plastic sheeting or a tarp to keep it bundled and moist.

  5. Place the hydrangea in a container

    Set the root ball in a sturdy container, keeping the plant stems upright.

  6. Transport in an upright position

    Move the hydrangea by wheelbarrow to your vehicle. Place the plant in the back seat of the vehicle. Have someone sit next to the container to keep the plant steady during transport.

  7. Water if necessary

    For long trips lasting more than one day, water the hydrangea periodically to keep the root ball moist.

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