How Do You Transplant a Tree?

How Do You Transplant a Tree?

To transplant a tree, dig around the base to uproot it, and gently transfer it to a new hole. Fill the new hole with soil, spread a layer of mulch, and then water the tree.

  1. Select the location

    Find a spot to transplant the tree. Make sure the spot has enough room, sunlight and exposure to water.

  2. Dig the hole

    Dig around the plant to determine the width and depth of its rootball. Dig the new hole so its width is twice that of the root ball. Make the depth a bit shorter than the width to prevent the roots from rotting.

  3. Uproot the tree

    Keeping the rootball intact, dig a circle 3 feet out along the perimeter of the base. Once you remove enough soil from the base of the plant, slip the shovel under the tree, and loosen the plant's grip on the soil. Spread a tarp beside the tree, and gently move the tree onto the tarp. Carry the tree to the new location.

  4. Plant the tree

    Gently slide the tree into the hole. Straighten the tree, and fill the hole with soil. Mound up the soil to form a water-catching berm so the roots stay moist until the tree establishes. Spread a 3-inch layer of landscape mulch around the transplant. Keep the mulch a few inches from the base to allow air circulation. Finally, water the tree.