How Do You Transplant Sago Palms?

When transplanting a sago palm, the root ball must be dug up. The palm should be transplanted into a prepared hole as soon as possible. Pruning shears, a shovel, loppers, burlap, a tape measure and string are required for transplanting.

  1. Prepare the sago palm for transplant

    For easy release from the soil, water the palm 24 hours before digging. Removal of the leaves is optional but is suggested to preserve moisture in the trunk. Tie up the leaves if they aren't removed.

  2. Dig up the sago palm

    Measure 1 foot away from the base of the trunk. Dig around the trunk to a depth of at least 1 foot under ground. Cut away any stubborn roots. Using the shovel as a lever, work around the root ball, freeing it from the surrounding ground. Lift the palm onto the center of a piece of burlap. Wrap the root ball with the burlap, tying it with a piece of twine. To prevent a large trunk from bending during transport, place wooden boards on either side of the trunk and tie them together like a splint.

  3. Replant the sago palm

    Place the root ball into a hole approximately the same depth as the old one. After replacing the soil and tamping it in, water sparingly until new growth is observed.