How Do You Transplant Roses?

How Do You Transplant Roses?

How Do You Transplant Roses?

Transplant roses in the early spring by choosing the right time, picking a new area, removing the rose from its current location, and placing it into an appropriate new location. Fertilize the rose once you see signs of growth on the new bush.

  1. Choose the right transplant time

    Transplant roses in early spring after the risk of frost has passed but while the plants are still dormant.

  2. Prepare the new location

    Dig a new hole for the rose plant, and make sure there is adequate soil drainage. Test for drainage by filling the hole with water and then waiting an hour to see if all the water is gone. If it is not, choose a new location for transplanting.

  3. Prepare the rose for transplant

    Trim the rose canes down to approximately 10 to 12 inches in length. Remove any foliage present on the rosebush.

  4. Remove the rosebush

    Carefully dig a large hole around the roots of the rose to avoid as much damage as possible. Gently remove the rose from its home, and carry it to the prepared hole.

  5. Plant the rosebush in its new hole

    Place the rosebush in the new hole, setting it carefully inside it so the level of the root ball is about the same height as the ground. Adjust by adding or removing soil as necessary.

  6. Make a mix of soil amendments

    Mix equal parts of mulch, peat moss and potting soil. Add half of this mixture to the hole around the roots of the rose. Water thoroughly, then adjust the height of the rosebush again, if necessary.

  7. Finish filling the hole

    Add the remainder of the soil amendment mixture into the hole, then water thoroughly. Water every day for at least a week.

  8. Fertilize the plant when the bush has rooted

    When you see signs of growth on the rosebush, fertilize as recommended in your area and for your particular type of rose.